Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Show stock

In the past week I have had the chance to share to non livestock friends what is involved in showing livestock. Pigs in particular in these conversations.
It started about the weather, and my wish for sun to tan the pigs we have. Tan? You tan pigs??
Yes we do. A hogs skin is a lot like a humans. We show several different breeds, and any that have color need sun to darken that color. If left inside the pigs that are black end up staying a gray color. Red ones need sun to so they get to a red color rather than a dull redish gray color. White hogs, will get pink in the sun so they stay inside out of the sun. We walk them early, or late. Interesting thing, they can get third degree burns very quickly. So we start slow, limited exposure and then build it up.
Sometimes being successful is as much about doing the little things, than spending the most money. It's about being willing to sacrifice time in bed, to get up and work animals before it gets hot. Sometimes it is missing an event with friends because you have responsibilities with your livestock.
All the time hard work and sacrifice pay dividends.

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