Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Show stock

In the past week I have had the chance to share to non livestock friends what is involved in showing livestock. Pigs in particular in these conversations.
It started about the weather, and my wish for sun to tan the pigs we have. Tan? You tan pigs??
Yes we do. A hogs skin is a lot like a humans. We show several different breeds, and any that have color need sun to darken that color. If left inside the pigs that are black end up staying a gray color. Red ones need sun to so they get to a red color rather than a dull redish gray color. White hogs, will get pink in the sun so they stay inside out of the sun. We walk them early, or late. Interesting thing, they can get third degree burns very quickly. So we start slow, limited exposure and then build it up.
Sometimes being successful is as much about doing the little things, than spending the most money. It's about being willing to sacrifice time in bed, to get up and work animals before it gets hot. Sometimes it is missing an event with friends because you have responsibilities with your livestock.
All the time hard work and sacrifice pay dividends.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good day

It has ended up being a good day. Sunshine finally found us after a week of pretty crappy weather. Didnt feel well to start the day, but got better as the day wore on. Helped Paola make lunch, and then moved outside to help kids catch calves to walk. Eby, Jayme and Matthew each took one, and P and I each took one. Walked two laps around the house and they actually did walk pretty well. Which should make taking them to weigh in much easier. Also helped the two Polands get to the sand lot to catch some sun. Goal is to get them pitch black by fair. Also worked the garden some as well, going to try to lift and move some perennials, rearrange things to make it more enjoyable from the swing by the apple trees.
The difference between last year and this year is night and day. So much lighter and better this year. What a wonderful awesome day!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm back

Back to more than just my blog. Life is more normal than its been in over a year. This time last year was kind of a blur. With trying to figure out what med combination was the right one, the one that was going to get me where I needed to be without making me zone out. I spent last spring a summer, just trying to function, to keep moving. 4 H season was a blur. Just wanted to get through it all. I didn't have the drive or enthusiasm that I usually do.
Feels so much different this year more normal.
Been shopping for showpigs, have a nice set of feeder calves, picking up more show pigs in a week or so.
Working at planning a vegetable garden with Paola. Some flowers, some cleaning up of the yard, washing show pigs, being at the fair, all things I'm looking forward to this spring and summer.
Now if it would just warm up....

Monday, May 21, 2012

My kids

Has been a while since I have posted. Life takes over and things fall to the side for a while. This blog was never to be about pressure to post every day or every week, but about something concrete I could print someday for my kids to hang on to. Kids are what I'm thinking on today. My biological kids, and my "adopted" kids.
God has a good sense of humor. I can remember growing up saying I didn't want any kids at all, and IF I ever did have kids, I'd want all boys because in my young mind, men had it easier in life than women.
What makes God so funny, is not only do I have 5 kids, three of them are girls. Beautiful smart young men and women in my house. Yes I'm biased, it is my right after all. Perfect? No. But they are mine and I think they are all amazing.
Over time I have also picked up some adopted kids, mostly young women who God has placed in my path to love on. It is interesting to me that there have been several places, none of which are really connected where I have picked up the name Mama Yontz Had you told me that would happen when I was in high school,  I'd have laughed in your face. Now I wear that tag with pride. Maybe that is part of what God wants me to do, to find these young people that He places in my path, and just love and encourage them. He has sent me a young gal recently, that I have come to love like my own daughters. Comes from a much different place than my other kids, but I consider her one of my own and love her as such. She is headed to the mission field in Puerto Rico in January. I'm so very proud of who she has become, a strong wonderful woman who God has touched and will work through.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Tom Crean
I'm always amazed at the opportunities that arise. Michael being in Bloomington right now as the basketball team is exceeding expectations. Crean has done a wonderful job turning a bankrupt program into something pretty special. This team with all that they have been through, are so much fun to watch succeed this year. Class guys it seems, on and off the court.

Matt Roth
Mo Creek

Michael is loving it there, the excitement and thrill of watching this program recover has been awesome. Each of the guys he has met have been really good about talking with him, posing for pictures etc. So much fun to watch your kids have opportunities like that. Classy guys all the way around!!

Victor Oladipo

Cody Zeller

Friday, March 9, 2012


Well it has been too long since I have posted. Not much to say I suppose, or maybe too much to say...
Watched the Colts dismantle the team today. I'm not a Colts fan, but would be a Manning fan, classy guy, great player. I know it's a business, but it's sad to me to see players treated as a commodity. Maybe I'm losing any love I had for pro sports. I have watched a lot of college sports over the last two years since Michael is at IU. Have to say it is hard to watch the pros play for money and be all about the money (not all I know, but too many). The college players play with a passion that is contagious. They give it all especially this time of year.
Watched IU lose to WI today. Have to say WI played an awesome game. Easy when you are passionate about a team, to try to find some reason why the other team cheated, blame the refs, etc. Senior today for WI averages 3 points a game, 3! And today in the Big Ten tourney he scored 30!!  Good game by both teams, WI just played better. Haven't always been able to look at it that way. I got WAY to caught up in wins and losses with my favorite teams. Still do some especially against certain teams, but I'm working on it. Just not worth getting so wound up over things that I can't control, and in all reality mean nothing on the grand scheme of things....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

why so angry

Why is it that people get so angry over things they can't control? Been there done that, trying oh so hard to stop. I know a person that goes off the deep end in regard to politics. The evil rich right, does everything wrong, lies, can't be trusted and will crush anyone who disagrees. And everyone on the left is out to save the world, but can't because  Such hate and anger come through in status updates. Deep down a decent person, but I think so full of jealousy and envy that all that is buried. Why is it someone with  a lack of motivation feels entitled to be given assets from a person that has worked hard?
We don't have much, really not much at all, but I am pretty content, do I wish we had more, who doesn't, but don't wish it to come FROM anyone else. Maybe that is the key, being content where we are, do what we can, be happy with what we have.
I have always taught my kids that they can be anything that they want to be, don't pick a career based on potential income, but because it is your passion. If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. BUT, if you choose a $40k career, be prepared for a $35k lifestyle. Live within your means, work for what you need, don't expect a hand out, and help others along your way.
Life's too short to get so angry over something that we have so very little control over, and I m going to work hard at no going there anymore...